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  • sealex73L PTFE KLINGERSealex

    Characteristics & Main Applications KLINGERSealex is a PTFE product manufactured from a unique,physically networked fibrillated material. Australian Gas Association(AGA) certified. Material It is composed of specially prepared fluorocarbons with excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals as well as offering secure sealing …

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  • PTFE Envelope PTFE EnvelopeType

    Characteristics & Main Applications Suitable for most applications   Click to Download Technical Data Sheet   Function & Durability The performance and service life of KLINGER gaskets depend in large measure on proper storage and fitting, factors beyond the manufacture’s …

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  • threadsealTapeL PTFE Klinger Threadseal Tape

    Characteristics & Main Applications KLINGER threadseal tapes(manufactured from PTFE) offer a clean,quick and highly effective means of sealing threadseal pipe fittings in the engineering,chemical and electrical industries.   Click to Download Technical Data Sheet Click to Download MSDS (Material Safety …

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    Characteristics & Main Applications Virgin PTFE contains no fillers and has almost universal chemical resistance. It has excellent insulating capabilities and high dielectric properties. Its high temperature stability allows for continuous use at 260 deg C. virgin PTFE has excellent …

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