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  • Click to Download Technical Data Sheet KLINGER TOP CHEM 2005

    Characteristics & Main Applications KLINGER®top-chem-2005 has excellent chemical resistance in strongly acidic applications and is suitable for a wide range of applications in the chemical industries. It has good mechanical properties at medium temperatures and loads. The material is the …

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  • IMG_20140912_031645 KLINGER TOP CHEM 2006

    Top-Chem-2006 is a modified PTFE optimised for use in alkaline applications. The addition of barium sulphate improves the mechanical properties of PTFE and increases the operational range of PTFE based materials. Top-Chem-2006 is designed for use in alkaline environments and …

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  • Klinger Sil C-4509 KLINGER C-4509

    C-4509 is an expanded steel reinforced version of C-4500 which increases the compressive strength and in turn the maximum pressure capability. The increased stability provided by the reinforcement also allows this material to be used for increased temperatures with greater …

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  • Klingersil C4403 KLINGER C-4403

    A general purpose non-abestos sheet for use on oils, water and gases made from a combination of Aramid and Mineral fibres with a NBR binder. An excellent alternative to traditional compressed asbestos fibre.Highly recommended for use in automotive applications in …

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  • PSS KLINGER graphite laminates PSS

    Characteristics & Main Applications Top quality jointing material consisting of micaceous material with stainless steel tang reinforcement. Colour : Light Brown Suitable for use in hot dry gas applications such as exhaust manifolds, turbines, turbo chargers, air heat exchangers. tang …

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  • IMG_20140912_030854 KLINGER graphite laminates SLS

    Characteristics & Main Applications Pure exfoliated (expanded) graphite with a stainless steel foil reinforcement for improved handling characteristics. A top quality universal material with excellent performance at high temperature.   Click to Download Technical Data Sheet Click to Download MSDS …

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