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  • Klinger Sil C-4509 KLINGER C-4509

    C-4509 is an expanded steel reinforced version of C-4500 which increases the compressive strength and in turn the maximum pressure capability. The increased stability provided by the reinforcement also allows this material to be used for increased temperatures with greater …

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  • Klingersil C4403 KLINGER C-4403

    A general purpose non-abestos sheet for use on oils, water and gases made from a combination of Aramid and Mineral fibres with a NBR binder. An excellent alternative to traditional compressed asbestos fibre.Highly recommended for use in automotive applications in …

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  • c-8200l KLINGER C-8200

    Characteristics & Main Applications Premium gasket material for use with acids. Resistant to a wide variety of agressive chemical environments. KLINGER®SIL C-8200 is also known as C8200. Material Specialist grade based on a blend of fibres with an acid resisting …

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  • c-4450l (1) KLINGER C-4500

    Characteristics & Main Applications Premium quality high-pressure gasket especially suitable for use with high temperature alkaline media and superheated steam. A superior performance product designed for use in the chemical industry. KLINGER®SIL C-4500 is also known as C4500. Material Carbon …

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  • C4430 KLINGER C-4430

    Characteristics & Main Applications Premium quality, high-pressure gasket with outstanding stress relaxation and outstanding resistance to hot water and steam as to oils and hydrocarbons. KLINGER®SIL C-4430 is also known as C4430. Material Optimum combination of synthetic and glass fibres …

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  • c-4408l KLINGER C-4408

    Characteristics & Main Applications Universal high-pressure gasket (C-super) for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Suitable for high stress due to wire reinforcement. Resistant to oils, water, steam, gases, fuels, alcohols, hydrocarbons, lubricants and refrigerants. KLINGER®SIL C-4408 is …

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