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  • v6503 Valqua 6503 Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet

    Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet Since black components are removed in the Compressed Fiber Sheet, these are suitable gaskets to be used for applications where inclusion of black foreign substances into the fluid should be avoided. Used as gasket for Tap water, …

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  • v6502 Valqua 6502

    BLACK SUPER High heat and steam resistant Non-asbestos joint sheet that inhibits hardening caused by heat deterioration, by blending highly heat resistant, special rubber binder. Made of heat resistant, artificial inorganic and carbon fibers as well as the minimum amount …

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  • IMG_20140912_031056 Valqua 6500AS Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet

    Compressed Non-Asbestos Sheet Non-asbestos fiber mixed with heat/chemical resisting rubber binder, then rolled and vulcanized Used as gasket for stainless steel pipe flange and as gasket for equipment joint, cover, etc. Stainless steel corrosion inhibition is expected. Temperature range : …

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  • IMG_20140912_030933 Valqua SF300

    WHITEHYPER Can provide the same performance as NO.GF300 and because it has no black material it is good or using when white lines are preferable and has a wide range other applications.   Click to Download Technical Data Sheet

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  • Valqua GF300 Valqua GF300

     BLACK HYPER Highly heat and chemical resistant Non-asbestos sheet mainly composed of graphite and PTFE that excels in thermal and chemical resistance. Composed only of highly heat resistant materials and no rubber materials contained, it allows retightening since hardening deterioration …

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  • Valqua 6602 Valqua 6602 NON ASBESTOS COMPRESSED

    Ideal for use as a joint surface gasket for pipe flanges, valve bonnets and covers for various industrial units that require heat resistance in petroleum refining, chemical and shipbuilding industries.   Click to Download Technical Data Sheet

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